Saturday, November 12, 2011

I'm Back, Finally!! With A Tutorial Even!

Wow, not having a computer is rough, but I finally have my power cord back, woohoo!!  I could have kissed the delivery man!

You know, the good thing about not having a computer is I got a lot more sewing done.  I get distracted easily by blogs, email, facebook, and Pinterest.  I can go looking for one thing and before you know it an hour has gone by! How does that happen?  It's like a time warp because I can tell you one hour in a car with two kids does not go by that fast!

Anyway, I have been cranking out projects for The Kilgoris Project and I am making a bunch of totes with handles.  Turning all those handles was a big pain, so I came up with an easy way and I will share it with y'all here!  Do you have any idea how excited I was to figure out that turning handles could make the switch from being the bane of my existence to a 30 second quick fix!

So I am pleased to bring you the Easy Inside Out Tutorial.

Your inside out handle
A safety pin, the bigger the better (Seriously, that's all you need!)

Stick your pin through one side of either end of your handle.

Now stick your pin inside the tube and scrunch up your fabric all the way onto your pin until you can grab the pin on the other side.  So, your pin went all the way through your tube and is coming out the other end.

Go to the end of your scrunched up part and start pulling the fabric over onto itself while you keep hold of your pin.  (You do not want to see close up pictures of my hands, so I didn't practice what I preach here)

Once you get a little bit pulled onto itself the rest slides easily and quickly.

Now just take out your pin and press!

Voila, you have a handle!!  And I could have turned my entire pile of handles in the time it took to write this tutorial.

If you have any questions or anything wasn't clear just let me know!


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