Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chain Stitch Fun

This week for the TAST challenge was chain stitch.  I love the chain stitch!!  It's super easy to learn and you can do so much with it.  I thought trying a color experiment this week would be fun so I picked out 10 blues of varying shades and started playing!  This is what happened.

Lovely blues, one of my favorite colors!

This is in a 4 inch hoop.

Look at that fantastic texture, I love it!
On another fun blog world note, I joined an embroidery swap at Wild Olive and you should too!  Just go here to see her post, you have until the 29th to sign up!


  1. Beautiful stitching! I love your color choices.

  2. Great stitching.Kathleen

  3. I love your work, it's very exactly. Nice colors!

  4. It is a great filler isn't it? And lovely colors. Somehow chain stitch has led me see the universe in more designs in TAST week 8, yours fits right in :-)

  5. Lovely colours and stitching :)