Saturday, February 18, 2012

Take A Stitch Tuesday

How many of you embroider and have you heard of TAST or Take A Stitch Tuesday.

I just found it and since I am just getting back into embroidery I thought it sounded like lots of fun.  Each Tuesday a new stitch is posted and for that week you try to learn the stitch or experiment with the stitch and see what you can do.  I'm already behind a bit, but I think I might try to get them all in eventually.  So, anyway, this week's stitch was the detached chain stitch or lazy daisy.  The stitch dictionary by Sharon is a fantastic resource, check it out!  I was feeling ready for spring so I made a little garden of wildflowers for myself.

This is in a 4 inch hoop, so pretty tiny!
What do you think?