Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kid Style

I love the days when we are not busy and I have time to just let my kids explore with art.  It was one of those days yesterday.  We pulled out all the bright colored paints, lots of paintbrushes, and I let them create their own one of a kind pieces of art.  My little one just likes to scribble around for 10 minutes and then be done.  He's just channeling Jackson Pollack I think!

My oldest took at least an hour to paint a portrait of everyone in the house.  He took time to remember everyone's favorite colors because that's what color shirt we all received.  Our hair color was matched, we all had blue jeans, and he picked out colors for our shoes.  Paying attention to detail is his strong suit!

We all had giant hands and I asked him why.  He just said it was hard to paint hands with a brush and I completely agree.  I am not a painter by any means, it is not my forte, so I am just glad he wants to explore with it!


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